Suspended Access Equipment

Experts in the Manufacture, installation and Maintenance of Suspended Access Equipment

Suspended access equipment is used across London and surrounding areas to provide access to the highest levels of the city’s tallest buildings. But using these suspended cradles and lifts requires expert training and experience.

Ansoroy’s cleaning and maintenance operatives have the benefit of years of training and on-the-job experience in the use of in-situ and temporary suspended access equipment. As such, we’re able to make use of any cradles or other access platforms to provide the services for which we’re so highly regarded.

Suspended Access Equipment Maintenance

When anyone is working at height, safety is of the utmost importance. That’s why Ansoroy’s specialists offer full installation, maintenance and safety checks of all suspended access equipment before use.

We will thoroughly and safely install, check or maintain any access cradles, safety anchor lines or safety eyebolts to ensure that your access equipment is fit for use – reducing the risks that come with external work on the tallest buildings.

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