Safety Eyebolt Installation & Testing

Keeping Operators Safe at Height

Suspended access equipment requires the installation of safe anchors on your building. The most widespread of these anchors are safety eyebolts, which are used throughout London to provide access for cleaning and maintenance at height.

Ansoroy offer, supply and install a range of eyebolts and single point anchors that offer individual fall protection for maintenance personnel, and that can be installed on most buildings and construction projects.

Our safety eyebolts and anchors are manufactured to conform to BS EN 795 standards, and installed as per BS 7883 2005 standards in order to ensure the proper safety and security.

Eyebolt and Anchor Maintenance

Safety legislation requires that all of your eyebolts and single point anchors are inspected and certified at least once every twelve months (for fall protection anchors) or every six months (for rope access anchors).

Ansoroy’s skilled experts will provide this service for you, ensuring that your anchors and eyebolts remain safe and secure for as long as they are in use.

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