Reach and Wash Window Cleaning

Six Floors of Discreet, Affordable Cleaning

Ansoroy’s reach and wash window cleaning service is designed to provide a low-cost, low-disruption alternative to traditional ladder, cradle or cherry-picker window cleaning. By pumping pure, laboratory graded water through telescopic poles, our cleaning team can access and clean windows at heights of up to 65 feet (around 5 to six stories) without leaving the ground.

This environmentally-friendly system uses no chemicals, and carries none of the health and safety risks inherent with working at height, making it a safe, simple alternative to traditional window cleaning methods.

Fast, Efficient Cleaning that Won’t Disrupt Your Day

Ansoroy’s reach and wash system is suitable for use on windows, UPVC, fa├žades, glass roofs, panelling and cladding, meaning that it can be used on nearly every commercial building in London.

What’s more, as the cleaning operative remains on the ground throughout the cleaning process, there is no disruption to work happening above, and your privacy is maintained throughout.

If you’d like to discuss any of Ansoroy’s cleaning or maintenance services, please contact our experts today.


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