Glazing Restoration

Glazing Restoration

High-Rise Glazing and Glass Restoration and Maintenance

Whether through lack of professional cleaning, the effects of traffic and air pollution, or just the passage of time without regular maintenance, your external glazing and glasswork can become dull and grimy.

It doesn’t need to be that way. Ansoroy’s team of maintenance experts will restore your external glasswork to its original condition.


Put the Shine Back into Your Exterior

Using a range of tools and specialist products, our maintenance team will remove any staining or etching of your windows and glasswork to restore your glazing to its original shine. As high-rise maintenance specialists, we can work on any glasswork at any height, providing a safe, efficient and effective service.

For a consultation and quote, please contact Ansoroy today.

Glazing Works

Glazing Works

Glazing Supply and Installation Services

Ansoroy Limited provide a full glazing supply and installation service throughout London, providing building managers and construction companies with a range of specialist glazing services. No matter what your individual requirements, we’ll ensure that the end result is always of the highest standard.

We also provide a repair and contract glazing service for building managers who are no longer under warranty from their original glazing installation company.

Expert Glaziers Are Ready to Start Work

As with all of our specialist teams, Ansoroy’s glaziers are highly trained and experienced, making them able to carry out any glazing project that you require. To discuss your requirements in full, and to request a quote, please contact Ansoroy today.


Leak Investigation & Repair

Leak Investigation and Repair

Eliminate Leaks and Water Damage with Ansoroy

Roof and building leaks can be costly, both in terms of disruption to your business or damage to important and expensive equipment. If your building or business is threatened by a leak, Ansoroy’s maintenance team stands ready to help.

Our experts will investigate and identify any leaks or potential issues, and supply you with a full investigation report. Then, once you’re clear on the severity of the problem you face, we’ll provide a quote for a quick, high quality repair.

And because we make use of the latest, most efficient electrical pinhole detection equipment, not even the smallest leak will escape our notice.

Any Leaks Repaired

Ansoroy’s building maintenance experts have the tools and the talent to repair any leak which threatens to disrupt your business. Making use of the latest liquid waterproofing tools, we’ll ensure that any leaks are sealed and repaired as quickly as possible.

If you are suffering from any roof or building leaks, act quickly. Contact Ansoroy now and request a full leak investigation.


Liquid Waterproofing

Liquid Waterproofing

Introducing the Kemperol Liquid Waterproofing System

Ansoroy are delighted to announce that our waterproofing service makes use of the innovative and reliable Kemperol liquid waterproofing system.

For 40 years, Kemperol has been used throughout Germany as part of new-build and renovation projects, and it forms a permanent, seamless elastic membrane over any areas which require waterproofing. Now, as part of Ansoroy’s maintenance services, it’s also available to clients throughout London.

Waterproof Seals from Roof to Basement

The Kemperol liquid waterproofing system is suitable for a whole host of applications throughout your property or project. Along with waterproofing roofs and roof details such as upstands and gutters, Kemperol is also suitable for the sealing of basements and other underground constructions. And, as an attractive and slip-resistant surface, Kemperol can also be used everywhere from terraces and balconies to wet-rooms and access ramps.

What’s more, the use of Kemperol for liquid waterproofing can also cut construction times. As Kemperol is fast-acting, it is suitable for use as an interim floor waterproofing method, allowing access to dry, weather-proof interiors before the upper floors and roof have been completed.

Why Use Kemperol?

The Kemperol liquid waterproofing system has a wealth of benefits for business owners, building manager and construction companies – all of which combine to provide akemperroof flexible, fast waterproofing service.

  • Fast: Kemperol is waterproof within 20 minutes of application, and will withstand foot traffic after just 24 hours
  • Long-Lasting: When well-maintained, Kemperol coatings will last for decades
  • Flexible: Kemperol can be used on any project, and can even be fitted over your existing roof or terrace
  • Attractive: Kemperol is available in a range of colours, and is easy to clean, making it an ideal replacement for tiles

IMG_0183If you’d like to save time and money without compromising on quality, contact Ansoroy today to discuss our liquid waterproofing services. Simply click here to get in touch.

Bespoke Design

Bespoke Design

Steel Work and Custom Safety Systems

Not all safety solutions are suitable for every single building or project. When your property or building site demands a unique solution, Ansoroy’s bespoke design services come into play.

We design and manufacture steel gantries, guardrails, staircases, walkways and much more – ensuring that all on-site workers are kept as safe as possible on your roof and other open areas.

Custom Steel Work that Meets Government Standards

Everything Ansoroy provides is manufactured to the highest government standards, ensuring a quality final product that can withstand the rigours of regular use.

All of our steel work is galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461: 1999 Hot Dip Galvanised Coatings Specification, and is thoroughly tested for safety. We can also provide powder coating in a selection of colours, all of which comply with BS 6497: 1984 Specification for Powder Organic Coatings.

Whatever your safety or aesthetic requirements, our bespoke designs will meet them. Contact us for more information.



Lifeline Systems

Lifeline Systems

Fall Arrest and Safety Equipment

High access working requires an exceedingly high level of safety, including backup systems that ensure that workers are always protected, even when guardrails are unsuitable or unavailable.

Ansoroy’s range of secure, discreet lifeline systems provides fall arrest protection on any high-level building, maintenance or construction project.

The precise lifeline system we recommend depends on the specifics of your building or project, so we advise contacting our team of experts for a full consultation today. Simply get in touch using our contact page, and we’ll arrange a discussion to see which lifeline system meets all of your requirements.


Freestanding Weighted Anchors

Freestanding Weighted Anchors

Temporary Single-Point Anchoring

Ansoroy supply and use a specially-designed freestanding weighted anchor which conforms to BS EN 795 Class E standards, and is suitable for workers that need temporary access to flat roofs or structures. Our weighted anchors are also suitable for roof pitches up to and including five degrees, and can be used in situations where a traditional or permanent fall protection system is not suitable or available.

Temporary Anchors, Suitable For a Range of Roofs

Ansoroy’s freestanding weighted anchors have all been thoroughly tested on a range of roofs to ensure the highest standards of safety and performance. As such, our weighted anchors are suitable for use on the following roofs:ankaroof2

  • Concrete
  • Single Ply Membrane
  • Bitumen Membrane
  • Asphalt-Sanded
  • Asphalt-Stone Chipped
  • Steel Profile

If you have any further questions or queries, please contact our knowledgeable team today.

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Safety Eyebolt Installation & Testing

Safety Eyebolt Installation & Testing

Keeping Operators Safe at Height

Suspended access equipment requires the installation of safe anchors on your building. The most widespread of these anchors are safety eyebolts, which are used throughout London to provide access for cleaning and maintenance at height.

Ansoroy offer, supply and install a range of eyebolts and single point anchors that offer individual fall protection for maintenance personnel, and that can be installed on most buildings and construction projects.

Our safety eyebolts and anchors are manufactured to conform to BS EN 795 standards, and installed as per BS 7883 2005 standards in order to ensure the proper safety and security.

Eyebolt and Anchor Maintenance

Safety legislation requires that all of your eyebolts and single point anchors are inspected and certified at least once every twelve months (for fall protection anchors) or every six months (for rope access anchors).

Ansoroy’s skilled experts will provide this service for you, ensuring that your anchors and eyebolts remain safe and secure for as long as they are in use.

For more information, please contact our team today.

Suspended Access Equipment

Suspended Access Equipment

Experts in the Manufacture, installation and Maintenance of Suspended Access Equipment

Suspended access equipment is used across London and surrounding areas to provide access to the highest levels of the city’s tallest buildings. But using these suspended cradles and lifts requires expert training and experience.

Ansoroy’s cleaning and maintenance operatives have the benefit of years of training and on-the-job experience in the use of in-situ and temporary suspended access equipment. As such, we’re able to make use of any cradles or other access platforms to provide the services for which we’re so highly regarded.

Suspended Access Equipment Maintenance

When anyone is working at height, safety is of the utmost importance. That’s why Ansoroy’s specialists offer full installation, maintenance and safety checks of all suspended access equipment before use.

We will thoroughly and safely install, check or maintain any access cradles, safety anchor lines or safety eyebolts to ensure that your access equipment is fit for use – reducing the risks that come with external work on the tallest buildings.

For more information, please contact us today.