Liquid Waterproofing

Introducing the Kemperol Liquid Waterproofing System

Ansoroy are delighted to announce that our waterproofing service makes use of the innovative and reliable Kemperol liquid waterproofing system.

For 40 years, Kemperol has been used throughout Germany as part of new-build and renovation projects, and it forms a permanent, seamless elastic membrane over any areas which require waterproofing. Now, as part of Ansoroy’s maintenance services, it’s also available to clients throughout London.

Waterproof Seals from Roof to Basement

The Kemperol liquid waterproofing system is suitable for a whole host of applications throughout your property or project. Along with waterproofing roofs and roof details such as upstands and gutters, Kemperol is also suitable for the sealing of basements and other underground constructions. And, as an attractive and slip-resistant surface, Kemperol can also be used everywhere from terraces and balconies to wet-rooms and access ramps.

What’s more, the use of Kemperol for liquid waterproofing can also cut construction times. As Kemperol is fast-acting, it is suitable for use as an interim floor waterproofing method, allowing access to dry, weather-proof interiors before the upper floors and roof have been completed.

Why Use Kemperol?

The Kemperol liquid waterproofing system has a wealth of benefits for business owners, building manager and construction companies – all of which combine to provide akemperroof flexible, fast waterproofing service.

  • Fast: Kemperol is waterproof within 20 minutes of application, and will withstand foot traffic after just 24 hours
  • Long-Lasting: When well-maintained, Kemperol coatings will last for decades
  • Flexible: Kemperol can be used on any project, and can even be fitted over your existing roof or terrace
  • Attractive: Kemperol is available in a range of colours, and is easy to clean, making it an ideal replacement for tiles

IMG_0183If you’d like to save time and money without compromising on quality, contact Ansoroy today to discuss our liquid waterproofing services. Simply click here to get in touch.

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