Freestanding Weighted Anchors

Temporary Single-Point Anchoring

Ansoroy supply and use a specially-designed freestanding weighted anchor which conforms to BS EN 795 Class E standards, and is suitable for workers that need temporary access to flat roofs or structures. Our weighted anchors are also suitable for roof pitches up to and including five degrees, and can be used in situations where a traditional or permanent fall protection system is not suitable or available.

Temporary Anchors, Suitable For a Range of Roofs

Ansoroy’s freestanding weighted anchors have all been thoroughly tested on a range of roofs to ensure the highest standards of safety and performance. As such, our weighted anchors are suitable for use on the following roofs:ankaroof2

  • Concrete
  • Single Ply Membrane
  • Bitumen Membrane
  • Asphalt-Sanded
  • Asphalt-Stone Chipped
  • Steel Profile

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