Cladding Restoration Services

Cladding Cleaning and Restoration

Neglected cladding and façades can quickly become discoloured and faded, thanks to a combination of oxidisation, chalking and rust spotting. And once cladding has begun to deteriorate, many building owners and managers fear that it is too late to act, and that the only option left to them is an expensive replacement.

With Ansoroy Ltd, there is another way.

Full Cladding Restoration and Maintenance

Our maintenance and restoration team are able to return any cladding or exterior frontage to its original condition quickly and easily. By making use of a range of chemicals, minerals, silicones and polishes, we’re able to tackle any façade or cladding project. And, because all of our cleaning treatments are non-abrasive and Ph neutral, they will leave your finishes protected for up to 18 months.DSCN0419services-two

Thanks to Ansoroy, restoring and maintaining your building’s cladding is now only a fraction of the price of replacing or recoating your frontage. Contact our team for a full quote.

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