Rope Access

Rope Access

Practical, Safe Access at Height

The city of London is getting taller, with more and more skyscrapers and high-rise office blocks reaching above the city’s skyline with every passing year. And as buildings get taller, they reach above the range of reach and wash systems and even the largest mobile elevated work platforms.

When cleaning and maintenance tasks need to be performed at these heights, there is one practical, safe and non-disruptive solution which stands above the competition. Rope access systems.

Fast, Effective Cleaning Solutions

Ansoroy’s team of rope access (abseiling) maintenance experts make use of a highly practical, easy-to-install rope access system. This non-permanent solution provides us with access quickly and safely, without disrupting the workforce inside your building, or the pedestrians below.


All of our rope access operations comply with the BS 7985:2002 Code of Practise, and the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association’s (IRATA) ownImage008 requirements.

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Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

Window and Façade Cleaning with “Cherry Picker” Platforms

From ground level to 72 metres above the street, Ansoroy’s window cleaning experts can provide an unsurpassed service thanks to our mobile elevated work platforms. Commonly known as cherry pickers, these high-level hydraulic platforms can tackle any cleaning or maintenance project at nearly any height.

Along with our rope access and reach and wash window cleaning services, our mobile elevated work platforms allow us to tackle any cleaning project that you require of us.

Affordable High-Rise Cleaning Solutions

Using our range of industry contracts, Ansoroy Ltd source work platforms on a per-contract basis, allowing us to negotiate excellent hire rates on platforms for specific projects. This saving is then passed on to you, ensuring that you receive the best possible service at the best possible price.

What’s more, because all of our operators are fully insured and trained to IPAF standards, you’ll receive the peace of mind that comes with a fully safe, professional service.

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Portable Ladder Access

Portable Ladder Access

Interior Window Cleaning using Portable Access Systems

While our reach and wash system is suitable for external cleaning at lower heights, and our rope access and mobile work platform systems can handle even the tallest buildings, none of these systems are suitable for internal use. So when it comes to cleaning windows in your reception areas or in other internal locations, Ansoroy turns to portable ladders.

Our portable ladders are designed specifically for window cleaning projects, allowing our cleaning teams access to any windows that our other systems cannot reach. Thanks to their lightweight construction, our portable ladders can also be used indoors, allowing for quick and easy cleaning throughout your property.

As with all our window cleaning services, any Ansoroy expert using our portable ladders will be fully trained to ensure safety and efficiency.

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Reach and Wash System

Reach and Wash Window Cleaning

Six Floors of Discreet, Affordable Cleaning

Ansoroy’s reach and wash window cleaning service is designed to provide a low-cost, low-disruption alternative to traditional ladder, cradle or cherry-picker window cleaning. By pumping pure, laboratory graded water through telescopic poles, our cleaning team can access and clean windows at heights of up to 65 feet (around 5 to six stories) without leaving the ground.

This environmentally-friendly system uses no chemicals, and carries none of the health and safety risks inherent with working at height, making it a safe, simple alternative to traditional window cleaning methods.

Fast, Efficient Cleaning that Won’t Disrupt Your Day

Ansoroy’s reach and wash system is suitable for use on windows, UPVC, façades, glass roofs, panelling and cladding, meaning that it can be used on nearly every commercial building in London.

What’s more, as the cleaning operative remains on the ground throughout the cleaning process, there is no disruption to work happening above, and your privacy is maintained throughout.

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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

High-Rise Window Cleaning Services, London

Ansoroy Ltd will provide you with a superior window cleaning service designed to meet the needs of even the capital’s most demanding customers. Operating across London, we’re able to provide cleaning services at any height, thanks to the hard work of our highly-trained, highly competent staff.

All of our window cleaning services are carried out by health and safety compliant professionals, ensuring you always receive the best possible service.

Window Cleaning Services

We currently provide window cleaning services throughout central London, making use of the following methods and techniques:

No matter how tall your building is, Ansoroy will ensure that your windows are kept spotlessly clean. From the ground floor, to the top of London’s tallest offices, our experts have what it takes to keep London shining.

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Guard Rails

Guard Rail Installation

Keeping You Safe at Height

When it comes to providing reliable protection for anyone working on a roof or other raised platform, sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. And solutions don’t come much simpler than guard rails.

Ansoroy’s guard rail system has been designed to provide permanent edge protection in those elevated areas where your employees have to carry out regular maintenance and inspection tasks. Unlike other systems, our guard rails do not need to be mechanically fixed through your roof’s membrane or the building’s structure, making them easy and quick to install or replace.steel_fabricationroof1

For more information, or to discuss your edge protection requirements, contact Ansoroy Ltd today.

Bird Proofing

Bird Proofing

Bird Repellent Products from Ansoroy

Feral birds such as pigeons can be much more than just a nuisance. They can also be a health and safety concern, and cause significant damage to your building and frontage – requiring intensive restoration work.

That’s why Ansoroy offer a range of bird proofing solutions to keep your building free of these flying pests. Making use of our access skills and a range of effective bird repellent products, Ansoroy will provide you with an efficient, practical solution to all of your feral bird problems.pictur 6Picture3

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Inspection Reports

Inspection Reports

Full, Comprehensive Reporting on Your Building’s Condition

If you are purchasing a new property or high-rise to let, or your business is planning on moving into new premises, you need to ensure that the property you are considering meets your standards. But when it comes to high-rise buildings, many potential issues will not be visible from the ground, or from the building’s interior.

But every potential issue can be seen and noted by Ansoroy’s team of high-rise specialists.

Full Inspections at Any Height

Using our safe, tried and tested methods of working at height, Ansoroy’s team will meticulously inspect your building to identify any potentially costly or dangerous defects or damaged areas.

You’ll then be provided with an in-depth report, which comprehensively explains all of the issues that the building faces. Our expert team will then be able to provide you with our recommendations on how to solve those issues.

For a comprehensive inspection report, contact Ansoroy today.

Cladding Restoration

Cladding Restoration Services

Cladding Cleaning and Restoration

Neglected cladding and façades can quickly become discoloured and faded, thanks to a combination of oxidisation, chalking and rust spotting. And once cladding has begun to deteriorate, many building owners and managers fear that it is too late to act, and that the only option left to them is an expensive replacement.

With Ansoroy Ltd, there is another way.

Full Cladding Restoration and Maintenance

Our maintenance and restoration team are able to return any cladding or exterior frontage to its original condition quickly and easily. By making use of a range of chemicals, minerals, silicones and polishes, we’re able to tackle any façade or cladding project. And, because all of our cleaning treatments are non-abrasive and Ph neutral, they will leave your finishes protected for up to 18 months.DSCN0419services-two

Thanks to Ansoroy, restoring and maintaining your building’s cladding is now only a fraction of the price of replacing or recoating your frontage. Contact our team for a full quote.

Cladding Cleaning

Cladding Cleaning

Cladding and Façade Cleaning Services

Without proper upkeep, a building’s cladding or façade can become dull and dirty – giving the wrong impression to visitors and passers-by alike. But there is another way. Ansoroy’s teams of highly professional and highly motivated exterior cleaners are here to help.

Using the latest tools, proven talent, and tested methods, our operatives will provide a thorough and efficient cleaning service. Whether a one-off deep clean, or a regular cleaning contract, we’ll ensure that your cladding is left spotless.

Safe, Efficient Cleaning at Any Height

As cleaning and maintenance experts throughout London, Ansoroy can provide cladding cleaning services on any building, at any height. From the ground floor, to the top of one of London’s newest skyscrapers, we’re able to tackle any project.

Simply let us know what you need. Contact Ansoroy today for more information.